Contra The Representationalism Of This Tradition

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Although Puar recognizes the methods through which equivalence and identity are at work within neoliberal capitalist economies, she challenges this pairing through an examination of the processes of capacity and debility that exceed the category of incapacity. If, following Adorno, we place disability in a constellation with feminist philosophy of incapacity and unfavorable dialectics, we arrive at a spot where disability principle is produced in reaction to a faulty world. That's, disability is conceived in relation to the capitalist mode of production, whereby trade value and equivalence ends in conceptual frameworks of identity and sameness. In negatively approaching incapacity, we do not arrange new concepts, but moderately relate old ideas to one another so as to point out what has been unnoticed of the conceptualization-what conflicts. The duty of the critic is to illuminate cracks within the totality, moments of disharmony, and discrepancy. This, then, is exactly where suffering enters the image.

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Against this trendy mode of considering that falsely categorizes the world, Adorno is inquisitive about growing a philosophy that examines the nonidentical, that's, the difference that id logic erases. In Negative Dialectics, Adorno (1973, 149) argues that though thought depends on id so as to make sense of the world, it need not do so and should not be restricted to that place. As feminist philosophers, have an effect on theorists, and phenomenologists have long since emphasised, although we're outlined by reductive categories and concepts, our expertise of the world is irreducible to these concepts and classes. Adorno allows that our on a regular basis use of common sense or other information-formations involves identification. The representationalism of the tradition of Western philosophy is very troubling, nonetheless, insofar as it has tried to make this identification systematized, full, and common. Contra the representationalism of this tradition, Adorno argues that because any idea is insufficient to its object, there will always be a gap between concept and actuality: the object will always elude seize by the idea, that is to say, there will at all times be a nonidentity between the article and any representation of it (Adorno, 1973, 189). Negative dialectics is a method of accounting for this non-identity.

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